Students in all grades have nightly homework. After initial instruction is given, new concepts need to be put into practice so the skill becomes automatic. Since new concepts in some areas are presented each day, homework becomes essential and is given on a regular basis.

The success of the homework program depends on the cooperative efforts of students, parents, teachers, and administrators. Some suggestions to help your child succeed include:

  • Provide a study area that is quiet, well-lit, comfortable, and contains the materials necessary to complete assignments (i.e. paper and pencils)
  • Develop a daily schedule for your child to complete his or her homework each night
  • Encourage your child to develop increased independence
  • Check your child's work for quality and completion, but do not do the work for your child
  • Encourage responsibility for making up missed assignments due to absence
  • Assist your child in developing organizational skills such as putting completed assignments in a homework folder
  • Share your knowledge with your child, develop your own learning activities at home, in the car, or in the community

Students are expected to submit homework promptly. Grade level homework policy will be discussed with parents during the annual Open House. Homework assignment notebooks for grades 3 -6 are distributed at the beginning of the school year.

If a child will be out of school for a prolonged amount of time due to illness, parents should notify the school so that homework packets can be prepared.