Educational Program

Educational Program

The New York State Common Core Learning Standards Learning Standards direct the development of all curriculum in the elementary grades.

Our Language Arts program includes reading, writing, speaking, and listening. We use a literature-based approach to reading incorporating phonic skills in the primary grades. Children begin the writing process in kindergarten using journals and chart stories.

Mathematics is taught in grades K-6 focusing on both the reasoning process and the mastering learning approach. Manipulatives are used in all grades to enhance the learning process. The number concept, addition and subtraction are taught in grades K-2; multiplication and division in grades 3 and 4. The use of calculators occurs in grades 2-6.

Science instruction is part of grades K-6. It is taught in an inter-disciplinary fashion in grades K-2 using trade books, magazines, and hands-on activities to support the curriculum. Grades 3-6 use a formal science text with a more sophisticated lab approach.

Social studies is part of the total elementary program. Grades K-3 use an inter-disciplinary approach involving much of the curriculum in the Language Arts classes. Grade 4-6 centers on local history involving guest speakers and field trips.

As required by the NYS SAVE schools legislation, students receive Character Education in making good choices and developing positive character traits. Parents are the most important teachers of good character, and schools hope to reinforce this through modeling and direct instruction. Our school social worker will visit grades 1-4 classrooms on a regular basis to discuss character education.