List of Approved Snacks

The safety and welfare of all members of the Waterford-Halfmoon school community - students, staff, and visitors alike - is of greatest concern for all of us. To the extent possible, we want to reduce the risk of allergic reaction to foods that contain nuts and nut products. Allergic food reactions can be very serious, and even fatal. While the District does take various precautions to reduce the risk of allergic reaction at the school, each student, parent/guardian and staff member can help us achieve this goal by limiting foods brought to the school that do not contain nuts or nut products.

We appreciate the cooperation of everyone who comes to our schools in helping us to maintain a safe place to learn and work. As always, the Waterford-Halfmoon UFSD encourages each person to read the label of food products before bringing the item to school. Thank you!

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Snack Safely

The link below contains a list of approved snacks